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Our Smart Team

Waste costs money; an obvious statement, but one which is perhaps too often overlooked or even accepted nowadays.

However, at Focus Logistics we don’t believe we should overlook or accept this, which is why our ‘SmartTeam’ are proud to be at the cutting edge of waste reduction. They work to combat unnecessary waste by developing innovative technologies to identify where and how waste occurs, before implementing processes to reduce it at source.

Our Smart Team

There are a number of ways waste can occur, including physical material waste arising from mismanagement of subcontract productions, over ordering materials, or just simply waste resulting from the production process.

Perhaps more importantly, wasted labour and wasted time are a major focus for our teams, and we are always striving to improve efficiency across both of these elements.

We strive to provide a stable and sustainable company and environment that our colleagues want to work in and strive to be the very best. Our aim is to become the number one Logistics Company in the UK.

We are looking at how we can learn from industries that have successfully adopted change management and lean processes to improve efficiencies and, ultimately, drive profits. From implementing simple waste management strategies to targeting the improvement of material management and distribution, everything we do is designed to improve the process.