Sustainability is defined as a requirement of our generation to manage the resource base such that the average quality of life that we ensure ourselves can potentially be shared by all future generations.

Development is sustainable if it involves a non-decreasing average quality of life.’ [Geir B. Asheim, “Sustainability” The World Bank, 1994]

Sustainability is at the core of our business, we take sustainability seriously on a number of levels; being sustainable in what we do; we manage the waste hierarchy on behalf of our customers and therefore we aim to be truly sustainable in reducing the amount of waste that is produced and entering the waste stream on significant projects throughout the UK. We also treat sustainability within our own business with great care and attention, trying to make our business as efficient and sustainable as possible.

Whenever possible we seek to use local labour, local businesses and suppliers, meet recycling targets and facilitate project recognition (e.g. BREEAM and the Considerate Contractor Scheme).

At Focus Logistics we consistently exceed industry standards for recycling and waste management and we are affiliated with the ‘Halving Waste to Landfill’ scheme. We record all waste data using the BRE SMARTWaste online reporting platform, which assists with the management and reduction of our waste outputs, impacts and costs.

BRE SMARTWaste promotes the following benefits, enabling us to achieve our sustainability goals:

  • Tracking and reporting against company sustainability targets
  • Comparisons on regional and project performance
  • Reduction of waste, energy and water
  • Set and monitor targets to reduce site based impacts

Focus Logistics’ commitment to sustainability ensures that our activities promote best practise with regard to energy efficiency and we constantly look at ways to reduce energy used on site by changing the way people operate.

We aim to champion automatic controls to power supplies and promote rainwater harvesting to welfare facilities. We follow the waste hierarchy of ‘Reuse, Recycle and Reduce’ by actively encouraging on site waste segregation and material re-use compounds and we provide a number of waste management solutions to facilitate the needs of the project over its duration.