Construction Logistics

Focus Logistics has worked across a number of highly complex assignments and our construction and site logistics services are a vital component of every building project and a major contributor to its ultimate success.

We offer a comprehensive range of construction logistics services, each package individually designed to ensure that the everyday operational elements of a construction project run smoothly and without incident.

We offer a real-time cost and time saving service proficiently and efficiently; reducing waste and increasing productivity.

Traffic & Delivery Management

Two important elements of any project – especially those in city centres – is minimising disruption of local traffic through the provision of trained traffic management operatives, traffic points/lights and crossings, entrances and exits and segregated barrier walkways. We forward plan to make sure all on-site traffic is both necessary and kept to a minimum to keep the site operating at optimum levels.

We provide, manage and operate site-specific Delivery Management Systems so project teams can effectively and efficiently plan deliveries, zonal storage and ‘hook times’. Waiting and loading times are dramatically reduced delivering significant cost-savings over the duration of a major city-centre project and we also provide detailed performance, delivery and conformity reports to the client project team.



Focus DMS is our very own delivery management system providing real time management of onsite delivery schedules. Track materials and delivery quantities, coordinate and prioritise deliveries, manage waste collections and avoid clogging of busy laydown areas. Focus DMS lets contractors take responsibility of their deliveries, avoiding unnecessary arguments and wasted time.

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Material Movement & Management

The management of materials on a construction site is of prime importance. We will ensure all materials are carefully and appropriately stored segregated according to type, including building materials, waste, plant and equipment, combustibles and COSHH-relevant substances.

Specific teams dedicated to material delivery and distribution will make sure that a supply chain strategy is in place to ensure on-site safety and best use of available resources. Unloading and distributing materials quickly and efficiently saves time and money and can expedite the construction process.

Access Control & Site Safety

The control of access/egress to a site is vital for the safety and security of the public, site personnel and stakeholders. All liveried security staff are highly trained and experienced with SIA-accreditation and many have undergone first aid and fire safety training. Services include front-of-house security, mobile dog patrols, key holding, alarm response, CCTV provision and offer peace of mind and project confidence.

Our fully trained CITB access control staff understand the need for free-flowing delivery schedules and daily briefings ensure bottlenecks are minimised and deliveries and material movement are delivered safely and on schedule.

Waste Management & Recycling

Focus Logistics is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of construction sites by carefully managing waste. Dedicated waste teams will create a plan for the collection, management, storage and removal of all types of waste.

All construction wastes are segregated on site for direct recycling and we currently recycle in excess of 99% of on-site waste material. Materials that cannot be recycled will be responsibly dealt with in accordance with current legislation meaning that 100% of waste is diverted from landfill. All relevant documentation and waste auditing is kept up to date.

Plant & Operative Supply

One of the biggest and most common challenges faced by clients is the supply of plant and key personnel. Focus Logistics will work with the project management team to supply all the relevant plant to the site for single days or for the full duration of the construction project. We will also make sure all plant is fit for purpose and all relevant insurances are in place as well as taking responsibility for on-going fuel and maintenance.

We also supply qualified, experienced operatives covering all aspects of the construction process, whether as gangs or individually. All are trained and are committed to professional excellence. They are available on flexible terms and are actively managed by us.

Fire Management

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 was introduced to consolidate existing fire safety laws and places greater emphasis on prevention and reducing risk rather than cure. It placed responsibility for fire safety on the site management and we will ensure we identify hazards, train all relevant staff and make sure that all on-site staff are aware of evacuation procedures should an incident occur.

We will carry out a comprehensive fire assessment of the construction site including monitoring escape routes, fire alarms, fire points, signs and nominating fire marshals who will be responsible for directing personnel to designated safe zones in the event of fire.

Material Consolidation Centres

For projects – especially inner city and city centre developments – where space is at a premium, we arrange for secure off-site storage of all materials at dedicated, secure consolidation centres until delivery is required. Each project has individual requirements and the centres we work with can also store plant and vehicles.

By storing materials in consolidation centres and taking deliveries only when required, risks are mitigated in terms of waste, over-crowding and reduced costs. The supply-chain is carefully managed to make sure everything gets to where it needs to be, on time.

Hoarding & Fencing

Perimeter establishment is an important element of every construction site – not to mention a legal requirement. Focus Logistics provides timber and wire fencing and hoarding to ensure your site is both secure and clearly demarked.

All perimeter and security fencing and hoarding complies with the latest legislation and construction control guidelines and is erected by trained industry experts.

Project Office Establishment & Fit-Out

We will provide individually-configured on-site project offices with, if required, corporate livery.  Each modular building is secure and can be equipped with furniture, an IT suite, lighting and heating.

Focus Logistics can also provide secure anti-vandal steel storage units for plant, equipment and materials with single and double-width doors and similar locking mechanisms to those of the project offices.

We are also able to provide bespoke office fit-out solutions where clients’ facilities are within existing offices or newly-constructed basements.

Temporary Electrics

An electricity supply is vital to the running of any construction site. All Focus Logistics employees working with electrics are NICEIC qualified and hold approvals needed for on-site work and we will design your temporary electrical system in accordance with your specific requirements as well as relevant legislation.

We provide and test all relevant sub-stations and generators, transformers, switchgears and housing and we ensure your system is fully operational before work starts on the construction site.

Site Accommodation & Welfare Facilities

The delivery of every construction project is simplified with a coherent and robust plan for site accommodation and the welfare of on-site staff. We can provide individually-tailored modular buildings as well as formal, vandal-resistant site accommodation, reception offices, marketing suites, portable cabins and gatehouses.

In addition, we provide and install easy-to-maintain washroom, changing room and catering facilities including catering equipment and all relevant fixtures, fittings and consumables.