Corporate& Social Responsibility

DEFINITION of ‘Social Responsibility’

Social responsibility is the idea that a company should embrace its social responsibilities and not be solely focused on maximising profits. Social responsibility entails developing businesses with a positive relationship to the society in which they operate.

Focus Logistics strongly believes that in order to maintain and grow our business and achieve our long term goals we must invest in our colleagues, customers, communities that we work within and the natural environment around us, as well as honouring ethical and respectful values across all elements of what we do.

We put the utmost importance on protecting our colleagues and preserving the environment for the generations who follow us, in the hope that we will safeguard the short and long term sustainability of our company. Creating a harmonious working relationship with the communities and environment that we work in and around provides Focus Logistics stakeholders with a true insight in to the values with which we hold.

We strongly believe that actions speak louder than words and the importance of backing up words with responsible actions that support our stakeholders.

At Focus Logistics, our Corporate and Social Responsibility policy is simple yet effective and it is no more complex than mirroring how we try to live our own lives:


  • We comply with the rules and regulations of the business and of the sites that we work on


  • We remain politically neutral and will never align ourselves with a person, group or organisation that threaten public and social order or safety


  • We respect people from any and every walk of life regardless of skin colour, sexual preference, religion or opinion and we will never discriminate


  • The way we operate across all elements of our business is transparent


  • Everyone in the company understands that they are representing not only themselves but our business and our industry